Saturday, September 22, 2001

Oh My..Amber did not get up til 1:00pm today! That's not cool...Well, I found out I don't get to go shopping w/ my mom for the wedding dress BUT I do get to go homecoming dress shopping with my Daddy! *yay* Coolioz huh? We'll probably do some other stuff to..Eat + More shopping. My dad ROCKS!! I haven't heard from Ross since 3rd quarter last night..Uh-Oh..PLUS he seemed a bit "weird"..Like mad maybe? Which isn't very cool..Considering the whole Jay thing. *damnit* I feel REALLY bad..I do. But I can't help it...Grrr..*bad amber* Well...I must be take a shower and get all purdified! *woot woot* I'll blog more later tonight w/ DETAILS!!! Bye!

Friday, September 21, 2001

Had a football game tonight...Was pretty fun. the first Jessey came up to me saying Ross was going to dump me, so I had to straighten that out..And no, he wasn't...But then he heard from someone that me and Jay are ALWAYS hitting on eachother..Me and Jay are like REALLY REALLY good friends and close. And yes, occasionally I catch us flirting with eachother..I know I shouldn't..I just do. Don't get me wrong I love Ross..I think us being together is really great:) But the game was FUN Jay and Bruce were being evil though..tripping me and teasing me..Was hilarious though..I love 'em both..haha. Tomorrow I get to go dress shopping..One for a wedding and one for my FIRST homecoming!! *woot woot* Well..I must be going. Bye Bye!!

Thursday, September 20, 2001

Well..Hmmm. Today was OK I guess. Not the best day of my life...My poor baby Ross is sick:( I've had a headache and my knee is bothering me today. Not cool. Jay seemed different today..Maybe something was wrong? Grrr. My little sister had a tempterature of 104..It's going down today thought, which is REALLY good:) The whole America thing makes me sick to my stomach every time i think about it..It's sad..And I wish I could just wake up and make it unhappen..But I'm not capable of that now am I? Dernit! Schoolwork is driving me practically INSANE!! I took a stress test in Health today and it came out saying I had WAY TOO MUCH stress..Imagine that! I have 3 TESTS to study for tonight..And why am I not doing it now..Well....I don't feel like it!!! Maybe in a lil while..Ross isn't home yet..:( Not til 6:30..Dern play practice..haha. We've been going out for a month on the 29th! *woot woot* We're going to homecoming the 5th..*yay* My FIRST homecoming!! :) I'm pretty excited! *lol* Anyways..I guess I'll be going now..If anything FANSTASTIC happens..I'll write more..But I doubt I do..Bye!